EGA: Spanish Men’s International Amateur (day three)

Gough survives sudden death drama to set up clash with Scottish international Irvine

EGA: Thursday, March 3rd

FORMAT: 36-hole strokeplay/6-round matchplay

English Amateur champion John Gough survived an epic battle with his fellow countryman Jack Brooks (The Mere) to reach the last 32 of the Spanish International Men’s Amateur today.

The No 5 seed from The Berkshire made it through at the fifth extra hole, rolling in a six-footer to finally see off the Lancashire player.

Brooks made a shaky start and was two down at the turn but raised his game on the back nine and won the 10th and 11th with birdies before taking the lead on the 15th with a par.

Gough hit back with a birdie on 17 before the Bolton-based golfer shaved the hole from eight feet at the last. Then at the first play-off hole The Berkshire player failed from five feet to seal the deal but didn’t make the same mistake again at the difficult fifth, which was being played into the wind.

In tomorrow’s second round – the last 16 ties will be played in the afternoon – the England international meets Scotland’s Lewis Irvine, who almost threw away a four-hole lead before critically retaking the lead on the last.

The Kirkhill ace won the first, third, fifth, lost the eighth but then claimed the ninth and 10th to establish the big lead. 

But the Glasgow-based student stumbled coming down the stretch and it was A/S after 17 before Belgian Jean De Wouters D’Oplinter bogeyed the last to hand victory to the 22-year-old. 

There was no such drama for Irvine’s international team-mate Rory Franssen, who put in a dominant display against Dutchman Bob van der Voort. The in-form Aucterarder player was five up thru eight, birdies at the second, sixth and eighth helping him to a 6&4 victory

Van der Voort won the ninth but then bogeyed the tenth and 11th and Franssen won the 14th with a two to see out the match in style.

In the battle of English Boys team-mates, Josh Hill (Trump, Dubai) charged to a 5&4 victory over Jack Bigham (Harpenden) while the highest-ranked player in the competition – Sam Bairstow (Hallowes) – enjoyed a great tussle with highly-rated Spanish teenager Angel Ayora Fanegas, who edged out the World No 13 at the second extra play-off hole.

Round one results:
• Carl Siemens (GER, 1) beat Jarno Tollenaire (BEL, 64) 5&3
• Ruben Lafuente Montesa (SPA, 32) beat Emilio Hernandez Lirola (SPA, 33) 4&3
• Mauro Gilardi  (SWI, 15) beat Saku Halonen (FIN, 50) 4&3
• Callan Barrow (Royal Lytham, ENG, 16) beat Alan Fahy (IRE, 49) 2&1
• Rune Bokeid (NOR, 24) beat Sebastian Frau (ITA, 41) 3&2
• Yannick Malik (GER, 9) beat Tim Mayer (GER, 56) 1 hole
• Matt Roberts (Royal Porthcawl, WAL, 25) lost to Ugo Malcor (FRA, 40) 4&3
• Cedric Gugler (SWI, 8) lost to Massimiliano Campigli (ITA, 57) 3&2
• Jean De Wouters D’Oplinter (BEL, 28) lost to Lewis Irvine (Kirkhill, SCO, 37) 1 hole
• John Gough (The Berkshire, ENG, 5) beat Jack Brooks (The Mere, ENG, 60) 23rd  
• Alexander Settemsdal (NOR, 21) lost to Alejandro Aguilera Martin (SPA, 44) 3&1
• Tim Wiedemeyer (GER, 12) beat Finn Koelle (GER, 53) 3&2
• Jack McDonnell (IRE, 20) lost to Thomas Schmidt (GER, 45) 5&4
• Harley Smith (Rayleigh, ENG, 13) beat Liam Nolan (IEE, 52) 4&3
• Hugh Foley (IRE, 29) beat Constantine Mons (GER, 36) 2 holes
• Jamie Montojo Fernandez (SPA, 4) beat George Burns (Williamwood, SCO, 61) 3&1
• Jeremy Lyonnet (FRA, 3) beat Daniel Schmiedling (GER, 62) 3&2
• Alvaro Gomez de Linares (SPA, 30) beat Paul Coughlan (IRE, 35) 2 holes
• Rory Franssen (Auchterader, SCO, 19) beat Bob van der Voort (NED, 46) 6&4
• Peter Neves (POR, 14) beat Marc Keller (SWI, 51) 3&2
• Josh Hill (Trump (Dubai), ENG, 22) beat Jack Bigham (Harpenden, ENG, 43) 5&4
• Michael Mjaaseth (NOR, 11) beat Romain Buttarazzi (FRA, 54) 6&4
• Jack Ingham (NED, 27) lost to Jaapo Jamsa (FIN, 38) 19th
• Nicola Gerhardsen (SWI, 6) beat Basque Alves (POR, 59) 
• Harvey Byers (Walton Heath, ENG, 26) beat Ramon Clavell Vallejo (SPA, 39) 2 holes
• Paul Beauty (FRA, 7) beat Leo Zurovac (CRO, 58) 1 hole
• Markus Luoma (FIN, 23) beat Jesse Saareks (FIN, 42) 2&1
• Olly Huggins (Frilford Heath, ENG, 10) beat James Meyer De Beco (BEL, 55) 1 hole
• Luis Madaveu Roncal (SPA, 18) beat Riccardo Leo (ITA, 47) 1 hole
• Sam Bairstow (Hallowes, ENG, 15) lost to Angel Ayora Fanegas (SPA, 50) 20th
• Jorge Siyuan Hao (SPA, 31) beat David Lundgren (SWE, 34) 1 hole
• Kiet van der Weele (NED, 2) beat Marc Boucher (IRE, 63) 1 hole
Round Two draw:
• Carl Siemens (GER, 1) v Ruben Lafuente Montesa (SPA, 32)
• Mauro Gilardi  (SWI, 15) v Callan Barrow (Royal Lytham, ENG, 16)
• Rune Bokeid (NOR, 24) v Yannick Malik (GER, 9) 
• Ugo Malcor (FRA, 40) v Massimiliano Campigli (ITA, 57)
• Lewis Irvine (Kirkhill, SCO, 37) v John Gough (The Berkshire, ENG, 5)
• Alejandro Aguilera Martin (SPA, 44) v Tim Wiedemeyer (GER, 12)
• Thomas Schmidt (GER, 45) v Harley Smith (Rayleigh, ENG, 13)
• Hugh Foley (IRE, 29) v Jamie Montojo Fernandez (SPA, 4)
• Jeremy Lyonnet (FRA, 3) v Alvaro Gomez de Linares (SPA, 30)
• Rory Franssen (Auchterader, SCO, 19) v Peter Neves (POR, 14)
• Josh Hill (Trump (Dubai), ENG, 22) v Michael Mjaaseth (NOR, 11)
• Jaapo Jamsa (FIN, 38) v Nicola Gerhardsen (SWI, 6)
• Harvey Byers (Walton Heath, ENG, 26) v Paul Beauty (FRA, 7) 
• Markus Luoma (FIN, 23) v Olly Huggins (Frilford Heath, ENG, 10)
• Angel Ayora Fanegas (SPA, 50) v Luis Madaveu Roncal (SPA, 18) 
• Kiet van der Weele (NED, 2) v Jorge Siyuan Hao (SPA, 31)

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