Ian Arnott (Wirral )

Date of Birth: October 28th, 1946

Your club and the date you joined: I joined Wirral Ladies Golf Club* as a Junior in 1960, Under the influence of my Father, who had joined about 10 years earlier. I have been a full playing Member from 1960 until this year, when I became a Temporary House Member, following Surgery. Hopefully I will resume as a Full Playing Member in 6 Months time.

Best competition score and when was it: It was in a competition called ‘Name on the Board’, which was a mixed competition in early 1980s. I was playing with a former Captain Jean Swain and we won by one stroke.

Best shot you’ve ever hit and why: Aged 15. I holed in one at the 8th (132 yards) at Wirral Ladies GC. Playing with my father on a Sunday afternoon, I struck a 5 iron, which hit the pin about 9” above the cup and then it jumped down into the cup. It was the first of four holes in one.

Your current handicap: 18

Your lowest ever handicap and when did you get down to it: 7 in the late eighties.

The strongest part of your game and has that changed over time: Chipping off the green with a hooded 8 iron, which made the ball run like a well struck putt. Now use a putter (Texas Wedge) for safety.

Your favourite other course and why: Royal Liverpool GC. I was a member there for six years in the 1970s when, with the right sponsor, I joined while paying no entrance fee.

What is the best thing about golf now and the best thing about golf when you started? Fun, friendship and an ever changing challenge.

What do you put your longevity down to? Good genes, good fortune (up until now) but I am excused boots for a few months at the moment as I am recovering from emergency surgery.

*Wirral Golf Club was formerly Wirral Ladies GC with the name change coming into effect in 2017.

Ian Arnott (second right) and other Wirral Ladies GC members in 1965