A 300-yard ‘hole-in-one’

MIRACLE SHOT: Anthony Eagle celebrates on the ninth green. Pictures courtesy of Kevin Murray Golf Photography

Anthony’s one-in-a-billion shot at Haywards Heath

Monday, March 28th

Every golfer dreams of watching his tee shot find the bottom of the cup. They are the shots that live with you forever.

On Saturday that shot-in-a-million moment was felt by Sussex player Anthony Eagle. However his ‘hole-in-one’ was more like a one-in-a-billion moment.

Playing the long par four 11th at Haywards Heath (454 yards), the 31-year-old unleashed his driver from the raised tee and “hit it well”. He then watched his ball sail into the distance and, after a long walk and a fairly prolonged hiatus, he next saw it nestled in the bottom of the hole.

The only problem for Anthony was his ball was sitting at the bottom of the cup at the ninth.

In a scene right out of Caddyshack, the 18 handicapper pulled his drive “dead straight” 60 yards left of his intended target, over the trees by the tenth and first tees and just missing the halfway house. It then hit the cart path behind the 18th green on the full bounce, shot up into the air and landed on the bank behind the ninth. It rolled down the hill, across the putting surface and straight into the hole.

HOW HE DID IT: The red path is the classic route to take o the 11th hole at Haywards Heath while Anthony Eagle’s ball followed the yellow path into the hole at the ninth

Total distance between tee and final resting place is not accounted for on the course planner but Anthony, his dad Paul and their two other playing partners reckoned around 300 yards. 

Watching in disbelief, while walking towards the ninth green, was renowned golf photographer Kevin Murray, who captured the moment for posterity.

Another witness who saw it all happen was assistant pro Harry Tyler, who told Anthony: “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life before and never will again.”

Anthony added: “It was packed around the first and tenth tees and I screamed fore.

“As I headed in the direction of the tees I saw this guy walking pretty sharpish towards me and my first thought was … “Oh no! Have I hit someone!

“But he then tells me my ball had gone in the hole on the ninth and I just couldn’t believe it.

“It took me about three holes to get my composure back. My dad asked me if I wanted to take a drop on the 11th and carry on playing the hole but I just wanted to walk the rest of the hole.”

By the 17th Anthony’s composure was pretty good as he almost did get his first proper ace at the long par three. A four hybrid “lipped out on the left” but it wasn’t to be. Two miracle shots in one round might be pushing it.